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The dance of Formula 1

Imagine that you have always loved dancing. When you were out with your friend, you felt most comfortable on the dance floor. You knew your moves and performed them with every confidence in your body. You have been dancing for 10 years in a small dance studio. You knew everyone, the place, the people…. It was where you grew as a dancer and as a person. The people there shaped you into who you are. Even though you had bad days and sometimes didn’t want to be a dancer anymore because the practice was hard, because you fell too many times, got hurt or felt like a failure you still loved dancing with all of your body and soul!


When you walked to the dance studio in the morning, you knew the way by heart. Every stone, every turn and every bump towards that dance studio you knew! When you arrived and walk through the door, you knew exactly where to go, where to put your jacket and at what point you had to slip on your dance shoes. When the lesson started you could perform the warm up routine with your eyes closed. Everything that happened in that dance studio you were familiar with. How couldn’t you? You’ve been dancing there for 10 years.


Now.. You got a call from the biggest dance company in the world. They will like you to join their dance crew. It is a completely different type of dancing. You know you are a good dancer but still completely nervous cause you have never danced that type of dance before!

But what are you gonna say? No? .. never! This is what you always have dreamed about. This is why you started dancing in the first place. You wanted to be part of the best.

You say goodbye to everything you have known, the dance company, the people and most important the type of dance you have always been dancing.

The day comes and you show up at the big dance company. Everything is so big and shiny. NOTHING like the old dance studio you came from. So many emotions go through your mind: What are you thinking! you are not good enough for this! You gonna make a complete fool out of your self! You never even danced ballet before!! How did you think that just because you danced in a small dance company for the last 10 years that you gonna be good enough to dance a completely different type of dance, with people who have been dancing for ages at the best company in the world??


You walk in to your first dance lesson, even though everything seems familiar, the room has the same type of mirrors, you are wearing the same type of clothing, the equipment is kinda similar but still, everything is completely different! You know you are a good dancer but you also know you are not even near as good as the rest of the people. However , you man up! Head high, chest forward and straight back. The music starts and every single person in the room know the choreography. Perfectly synchronized they move to the music.  Every person know exactly where to be and what to do at the different beat at the music. The panic starts to hit you and you feel like an idiot! You bump into people when you try to follow the choreography, you fall to the floor when trying to make a move you never tried before! You see the disappointment in the teachers eyes when he sees you fail. Desperately you try to follow this crazy, beautiful, well organized choreography, but you keep falling, bumping into people, doing your move halfheartedly. The music stops.

Everyone leaves the studio… you stand there alone, not really knowing what just happen. Everything went by so quickly. You look down on your self and see all the bruises. You try to hold the tears back , you don’t wanna seem weak but you are so disappointed in yourself, so embarrassed that you ever thought you were a good dancer.. clearly you are not! The other dancers made it seem so easy.. why is it so difficult for you? In comes the teacher,  you quickly straighten your back and meets him with a smile. “How did you find it?” he ask. “Yeah really good! It is alot to take in but I really enjoyed it” you answer, with such a doubt in your voice. The teacher quickly picks up on your energies and says “This is the best dance company in the world. These are the best dancers in the world!  This is the hardest dance to learn in the world! This is not easy and it will not be easy for a very long time. These dancers have done this for years. What is difficult for you is a reflex for them, a habit, an effortless movement. They can do this in their sleep. Of course you will struggle. You have never danced this dance before but you will learn, you will learn where to stand and what to do at the different beat of the music, you will learn the choreography and you will master it. But it takes time. Just remember, this is not a place where we teach you to dance ballet, this is a place where you come with the right skill set in your back so you can teach your self how to dance it. If you are willing to fall, to hurt, to sweat and to work your ass off, I know you gonna be just fine”


Formula 1 is a dance and my first time in the dance studio was an incredible nerve wracking experience. Nothing like I have ever experienced before. Australia is done and I am off to Bahrain and China on Monday. So afraid to fail but ready to dance my ass off.


You can’t be paralyzed by fear of failure or you will never push yourself. You keep pushing because you believe in yourself and in your vision. And you know that it is the right thing to do and success will come.

— Arnold Schwarzenegger




  • AB

    This is a great analogy! So inspirational to see you get to this level of “dancing”. Good luck to you and keep pushing on!

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar
  • AB

    This is such a great analogy! Great to see you get to this level of “dancing”, It is so inspirational! Good luck to you and keep pushing.

    Siden  ·  Svar på kommentar

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