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Basic tourist – Barcelona

One of the things that lured me into this industry, the thing that contributed to my excitement about being a race mechanic, was the travel! The fact that I would be paid to do what I love and being flown all around the world at the same time, was the cherry on top of the icecream.

I have always been a free soul and always a little bit panicked about settling down and living a “normal” life. I wanna travel, meet new people from different cultures, eat food I haven’t had before and most importantly, I wanna be where the action is; in the heart of the crazy Formula 1 circus. So far so good. My first stop was Barcelona. In between test I had 2 days off – so did my boyfriend that works for another team. We decided to go to Barcelona City for those two days. I have to mention that I was on night shift that week so the first day in Barcelona I was almost “jet lacked” and all I really wanted was just to sleep but I had to power through! 4 hours of sleep and at 11am we were in the train.


Half an hour later we arrived but didn’t had our hotel until late that afternoon so we decided to be basic tourists and buy a jump on – jump off bus ticket. We only had 36 hours in Barcelona City and wanted to see as much as we could and also it was a good way to decide what was worth looking more into the next day.


It was a bit pricy for a bus ride but honestly, we were both so tired and just wanted our body to be transported to the different seeings without making any effort



The weather was beautiful. Sunny, 15 degress and windy. First stop was Glories – Torre Agbar



^ I am trying to be creative because I saw a guy on Facebook do this thing where it looked like he was holding the Eiffeltower in his hands. Mine didn’t go that well.

There is not much to say a about it. It’s a 38 story building and cost 130 milion euros to build. It’s kinda pretty and somehow became a tourists attraction. -> back on the bus. Next stop: Sagrada Familia.


I adore Gaudi’s work and we both decided that we wanted to go and see the inside the next day! I also really wanted to see Park Güell but because I already have visit the Park years ago and we only had time the next day to do two things, Ryan got to decided the second thing to visit. Camp Nou!

34 attractions in 4 hours. Worth the expensive bus ticket I must say.

That night, even though the tiredness was overwhelming we decided to meet Ryan’s colleauges for dinner and drinks. One of his colleagues are from Barcelona and we went to his cousins restaurant. It’s one of those places that you would normally never find as a tourist so thank god for some insider info! What I love about South Europe is that eating is almost an event. You spend hours eating and talking where I am use to dinner being something you inhale so you’re not hungry anymore and and can get on with your evening. We had tapas that night and it was amazing! Plate after plate after plate got delivered to our table with all sort of Mediterranean food. After 4 jugs and 4 hours of colorful sangria and tapas, we decided to go to Pacha! Pacha have club franchises in countries including Brazil, United States, Russia, Germany, England, Egypt, Portugal, Austria and several Spanish cities including Madrid, Valencia, Bilbao, Mallorca and Barcelona. I have never been to a club like this. It was huge! In Ibiza it’s one of the earliest super clubs and can hold 3000 people.

The next day we visited Sagrada Familia and Camp Nou. Both worth the money.

Now I am back at the hotel in Granollers and ready for another week of work <3

All in all an amazing two days.

See pictures below.

Keep smiling x


sky pigont pacha la-familia camp-nou





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