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Sleeping & Men

As we all know, Motorsport is male dominated. Even though there are more and more women getting jobs in this industry there are still more men than women and that can make sleeping arrangements odd sometimes.
The first job I had as a Race Mechanic, was on a small Danish team. It was me and 6 older male Mechanics. Due to the low budget we had to sleep in the truck when we were out on a race weekend – usually Thursday to Sunday. Obviously, I was super nervous and wanted to impress! So, when I was told we were sleeping in the back of the truck in sleeping bags, I acted cool and laid back. Last thing I wanted was to have them thinking I was sensitive! I was the first female mechanic on that team and I desperately needed to show them I wasn’t different from them.
Imagine being in the back of a truck, a design that could remind you of a reverberation room, with 6 older men allegedly all seem to have gotten the “snoring rehearsal tonight” memo. I had already worked 16 hours, I was cold and tired and now this! I did not get much sleep that night and spent the night figuring out a cool way of telling them that this wasn’t going to work. Luckily, they understood, and I slept in the truck cabin for the rest of the season!
When I moved to England and joined different English Race Teams, again I was the only female Mechanic but this this time the budget was a bit higher and I got my own hotel room. Happy days. Though, working in this Industry I don’t have a lot of free time. I travel a lot and mainly work with men and sometimes I can feel lonely, wishing for a bit of female energy so I was really happy when I found out I was going to share room, for the first time, with a girl this year.
Being away from my friends, family and everything familiar in my home country, Denmark, trying to make my way in another language and mostly surrounded by a different gender that obviously have a different mentality, is harder than I thought. I am well aware of my luck for being able to work on racecars for a living and I wouldn’t change it for the world. I just keep being surprised by the different challenges I run into, the older I get and the longer time I am away from home. Stuff I didn’t expect to be a challenge when I first moved here. The fact that I get to share room with a girl this year and the opportunity to disconnect and get a break from male energy and mentality is a blessing <3
Keep smiling x

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