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Working as a race mechanic you will often find your self in high pressure situations. It can be in difficult conditions such as extreme heat, high tempo, stress, lack of sleep and complicated tasks all at the same time! It could be that you’ve only had 2 hours of sleep the night before, you have 1 hour to do a task there normally takes two hours, in 40 degree heat, in a environment where people are talking loud and running around you, doing a job where the smallest mistake can have huge consequences! – so how do you cope? how do you keep your focus and perform the best you can?
I personally have to work hard on training myself to keep my focus and concentration in high pressure situations. But it doesn’t only have to be working as a race mechanic. I think people in general are experiencing high pressure situations maybe without them even realizing it. Normally you would feel it, just before an important exam, preparing your self for a big presentation at work, waiting for that job interview that can change your life and so on, but in our time where everyone can contact you at anytime they want, where people are stuffing their opinions down your throat through social media and in a society where the pressure of being perfect is at is highest! You have to eat, talk and live green. Your kids have to wear the correct environmental clothes, you have to recycle correctly and damn you if you or your kids accidentally ate gluten or E numbers. Pheeeew! Not surprised ‘stress’ is become such a normal word.
Taking a deep breath and finding a quiet time, a moment just for you, in complete silence can be a huge challenge! Though, more important and efficient that you would realize
I am no expert on this area and I am only speaking for my personal experiences. I am a perfectionist regarding my career, when I was doing my education as a road car mechanic I gave it my 100% in all my task and exams, when I did my degree, the same! When I am at work I am 100% there, in the present trying to absorb everything and do the absolute best I can. But I am no super human. I get so nervous if I have an exam, have to talk in front of a lot of people, going to a job interview or have to perform on the spot! I hate it but I have to fake it. I have had a lot of years to experiment with different tools to keep my cool and my concentration. It can be hard when working as a race mechanic, to still have your concentration and perform 100% after 12 hours work but it’s achievable.
I have 3 different techniques for maintaining a strong mind that have helped me in different situations. Click on this link and it will take you to my ‘Strong mind’ guide. I hope you enjoy it.
Keep smiling x

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