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Getting paid to workout

So one of the perks of working for a F1 team is that you get paid to exercise. Because of the long hours, the upbeat tempo, the pitstop practice, all the travelling and different time zones, it’s crucial that we are in good shape. In the winter period, before car build starts, for the people who are not aware of that term; it’s when a team is building the new car that are gonna go racing for this year. It’s usually a couple of weeks before the first test of the year and what I’ve heard it should be flat out! Anyway, what I was saying, in the winter period before car build starts, we have a bit more time and the company seem to focus a lot on getting the race team in shape! 3 times a week we go for group sessions with a personal trainer in the gym on the premises. It’s about 45 mins focused on all around fitness. I tell you, first time I went I was destroyed! My body was not ready for that 😀 the two other days we will leave work an hour early and go to the gym on our own. We get personal training programs from our trainer that we are supposed to follow. I work with a lot of talented, experienced and strong guys and I am terrified to fall behind! I am a strong girl, don’t get me wrong but I do need to work out more in order to stay on top of the guys. Therefor this week I decided to go to the gym in the morning as well. I will leave home around 06:30am and arrive at the gym around 7:15. Do 30-40 min cardio and then be at work at 08:30am. We have pitstop practice everyday and that’s where I can feel that workout is helping. It’s surprisingly hard and the guys I work with have done it for minimum a year so their muscles are use to it by now. Due to my fear of falling behind I am trying to be as active as I can right now, I know that when season start I won’t have time to work out nearly as much as we do now so this is the time to do it. Luckily my boyfriend is also a Formula 1 mechanic and need to be in shape too, so in the weekends we will either go for a run or go swimming. I am still getting use to being this active and my body is aching but I found that the foam roller is a gift sent from heaven!! Do you know that one? Its amazing and I have been rolling every single day to loosen my muscles up and that has been working really well, that and the sauna 🙂 I appreciate the sauna after a workout! All in all, it’s not only my brain who is doing exercise right now (as I talked about in my last post “Formula 1 “) but also my body! It’s made a huge difference to my mentality, I feel like I can concentrate for longer and I’m much more focused. I’m digging this healthy lifestyle 😉 I was thinking that I am gonna do a post about meditation and how I mentally prepare for pressured situation this weekend. Who knows, maybe it will be something for you!

Have an amazing rest of the week

Keep smiling x


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