Crazy Winter

Formula 1

2017 was not my year. 2016 was full of new adventures and a year that only seemed to bring me good news, but then I started 2017 with bad news from Manor Racing. They were put into administration and we all had to pack our stuff and leave the premises. I have never experienced heartbreak. I have never been in a relationship with a guy that broke up with me and my heart was hurt. My girlfriends have always talked about it and I have been by their side when they went through a hard break up. Comforting them, trying to fill them with positive energy and pep talks but never really being able to relate. Oh boy! the day I lost my job at Manor I realized what heart brake was, one thing was to say goodbye to the 200 people that have become my motorsport family, then there was the humiliation of suddenly not being in F1 anymore, knowing there was people who wanted to see me fail… “Now they can gloat” I told myself. “I guess they were right, I am no good”. Being SO close to the goal and have everything ripped away from me in a heart beat. I had no idea what to do with myself! I spent 5 days in bed, I didn’t even call my family the first two days. Don’t get me wrong, my family are the most supportive people but I was to embarrassed or maybe I just didn’t want to face the reality of my situation.  Anywhooo… 2017 I was working different jobs, still as a race mechanic but I couldn’t really find a team I felt I belonged too. Then this wonderful thing happened! I got a phone call from a F1 team, they asked me if I wanted to come in for an Interview. 2 month later and here I am; 2 weeks in my new job in F1 and I am in heaven. This time I am on the race team, everything I have worked towards is actually happening.

It is terrifying and exciting all at the same time! I am mentally exhausted soaking up all this new information, getting to know the people, familiarising myself with my areas of responsibility and finding a place within the team. On the other hand this is also the stuff that fills my positive energies right back up! I love it. The technology, the cars, the people, the work. I am exactly where I wanna be. It have been 2 really good weeks; there is pit stop practice every single day and 3 times a week we have an hour work out with a personal trainer, the two other days of the week we go to our gym and work out on our own. Even though its a shock to my body to work out this much, I really feel good. It’s surprising how much working out can do for your mentality as well, but I guess that’s why they want us to work out 😉

21 countries in 9 month. This is gonna be the hardest but also the most exciting year yet! and I can’t wait to share it with you.

Keep smiling x



  • Søren R. Glob

    Hi Emilie,
    I know this is a womens magasine, But what other Way Can i know Joe you are doing 😁 I Can asure you, i know some people here in DK, including myself, that want you to have succes’s and know you will get it. Enjoy the journey and keep writing. Best wishes. Søren.

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    • Hi Søren, just gonna do this in English so everyone can understand 🙂 First, this is defintely not just for women. I am just writing it from a woman’s perspective. Hopefully men find it interesting too 🙂 Thank you so much Søren!! All the best to you too. Emilie

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