Crazy Winter

Another delayed post. Oh man have these two month been crazy! Just to give you a sum up, I came back from Bahrain, got offered a new job, quiet my old job, had 4 days from setting my feet in England to move house and clean the old apartment, before my boyfriend was off to Abu Dhabi. Then I was home alone for a week, which was nice, I could get settled in our new lovely country side cottage and relax. Then the day he came back I was off to Dubai for a week and then directly from Dubai to Abu Dhabi for a week. Not holiday though, just work as I explained in my last last post “Birthday In Bahrain”. The same day I got back from two amazing weeks in the Middle East, I drove directly from the airport to a travel lodge where my boyfriend was waiting for me, we got dressed up in 1920’s outfit and went straight to Renaults F1 Christmas party which was “The Great Gatsby” theme. It was so much fun! and there was free bar.. It didn’t take me long before I spotted my absolute favorite Whiskey on the top shelf so my night was made! The day after the party we drove back to our house and I had 12 hours to unpack all my luggage and repack for a trip up North to visit my boyfriend’s parents in the Lake District. For you guys who doesn’t know that place I can tell you it’s absolute beautiful! It’s located all the way up North just before hitting Scotland. An area of crystal clear lakes, mountains, waterfalls and a breathtaking nature. We spend two days eating, taken long walks and feeding pigeons. Well, I was feeding pigeons… haha I can’t help it, I bloody love animals! After a couple of days recharging our batteries, we drove 4 hours back down south to our house, again, repacked our suitcases and drove straight to the airport. I only see my family twice a year and if I ever missed Christmas they would kill me!

The plane to Copenhagen was of course 2 hours delayed, it was already 8PM so as the classy couple we are, we decided to find a bar and get drunk. 4 pints and 8 tequila shots later we was sitting giggling on the plane and at 11PM we were safe on the ground in Copenhagen airport.

2 weeks in lovely Denmark. Eating, drinking, hanging out with my family and showing my boyfriend some of the areas in CPH he didn’t see when he visit in August. My cousin was back from Japan to take part of Christmas as well and she brought her Japanese boyfriend. The all four of us took a trip to Tivoli to show them the Christmas market and the beautiful lights. All in all a really good Christmas! At New Years Eve we just watched my dad’s dog. We had to be in the Airport at 05:00 am and unfortunately had to stay sober, so we didn’t had much of a party! I will tell you though, it was a real experience sitting in the underground metro in central Copenhagen at 04:00 am at New Years Eve observing all of the people on their way home! 😀 Back in England at 7am the 1st of Janurary 2018. 24 hours to get back to the house, regroup and getting ready to start my new job the 2nd of January.

So I apologies for the missing activity on this blog but I haven’t had a moment to come up for air before now.

I hope you all had a good New Year!

Keep smiling x

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