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I was listening to a song in the radio the other day “I’m a cool girl” by DJ Toner and got to think…

I feel like I’m a cool girl, not to sound obnoxious but in that way that I don’t take offend very easily. I have been working with only men for the past 10 years and trust me, I have heard EVERYTHING! Nothing shocks me anymore. In the beginning it was difficult for me to figure out if I should say something to the guys when they talked to me in a inappropriate way. Not because it hurt my feelings but because, that’s what you do when people don’t talk nice to you right? I quickly learned though that it wasn’t personal and that was just the way most of the guys in this industry talked. So either I went along with what ever, stupid, condescending, pan sexual joke that was the topic that day or simply just shut it out. I picked it up quickly and sometimes I surprise my self with what comes out of my mouth, the guys too I think. Don’t get me wrong, it is a good laugh and I love the atmosphere! working the hours we do, you will run out of sophisticated, smart and interesting topics to discuss and laughing about the phrase “grease the hole” can really be a ‘pick me up’ as sad as it sounds. Its called banter and I am all for it 🙂

But… I got to think, how does it really make me look? I know it’s not very “2017 I’m a cool, independent, woman and I don’t care what anyone thinks of me” but I can’t stop myself. When I am on a racetrack, having a laugh with the guys while working or just having a chat I sometimes don’t realize how some of them talk to me. They know I don’t take offend so they are all in on the banter. Most of the times I shut everything out, especially when I’m working to stay concentrated and I don’t hear the jokes that comes my way.. but I wonder what the people who don’t know me thinks, the people who doesn’t understand the humor and the atmosphere, what kinda girl do they take me for when they hear how I allow the guys to talk to me?

Personally I love the humor and we need it! Else it would be some really boring long hours so I wouldn’t be with out it. Maybe you just need to be in the industry to understand it.13781669_10154376225126060_6013437104371445444_n


Keep smiling x

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