Uncomfortable about being comfortable

My meeting with the Queen

Two years ago I received a medal from the Danish Queen. The Craftsman Union Medals are awarded annually to ‘exceptionally talented young people within the Danish craft industry’. Nomination criteria involved passing a Final exam with an A Grade and having demonstrated diligence, skills and interest in the apprenticeship. I am a big supporter of vocational education and I do my best to speak about it public in Denmark in order to change what I sometimes experience, as a negative view on it between young people in Denmark. This award definitely shows that finishing a vocational education is something to be proud of and that is as good as taking an academic education.

The day I got the letter, that stated that I was picked to receive this medal, I was absolutely blown away! As I wrote about in my last post, confident is something I always have been struggling a bit with, so this letter was a big pat on the back and something that boosted my confident. After the whole ‘Oh my god, this is amazing’ and ‘I better call my entire family’ feeling blowed off a bit, the panic arrived. ‘I am gonna meet the queen! I’m gonna shake hands with her! My hands get sweaty when I’m nervous… I’m gonna shake hand with the Danish Queen and she gonna feel my sweaty hands. I’m basically gonna sweat on the Queen. What if I fall? I have to wear high heels. I have to walk from my seat all the way up to the Queen while 200 people stare at me, I’m gonna fall in my high heels, in front of everyone! After falling I have to get back up and humiliated walk up to the Queen and shake her hand with my sweaty palms.’

The day arrived at the ceremony was held in the Copenhagen Town Hall. Absolutely stunning place! My mom and dad came along as my guests. When we arrived we were welcomed and shown inside. Two big doors open up and the stunning sound from the DR girl quior came through. We followed the red runner all the way into the main hall. The quior stood on a balcony above us and the room was full of nervous young people in their best outfit! We were invited into a smaller hall to eat Town Mall Pancakes (It’s a thing in Denmark 😉 ) and have a drink before the ceremony started. I looked out in the main hall and could see a lot of the danish politicians arriving and the royal bishop. We were then asked to find our seats and after everyone was seated the Queen arrived. I haven’t seen her in person before that day. We all stood up and she walk down the long aisle in her navy blue dress, I mean, she is 77 years old but she looked stunning!

Fast forward, 2 hours! My name came up which meant it was my turn to receive my medal. Deep breath! kinda already prepared for the worst! I stood up, in my high heels and slowly walked towards that years representative of the medal. It went well, I didn’t fall and my palms weren’t as sweaty as the could have been. After getting my medal I had to walk towards the Queen, do a curtsy (which I never have done in my entire life! Trust me, mutliple hours of practice went into that!) and then walk up to her and shake her hands. The walk went fine, I didn’t fall, my curtsy didn’t look half as awkward as it could have been and my hands were dry. Although the moment I shook her hand I decided to wink. Do not ask me why! It must have been a nervous tick. You can almost see it in the picture if you look close enough. But she just smiled and nodded and I went back to my seat. What an amazing day. One of the best days of my life actually. If you just started on a vocational education in Denmark I would definitely advise you to work hard and do your best to get good grades so maybe you would be able to experience this as well. 🙂 It’s worth it!


Keep smiling x




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